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Whsat Arse Disfferent Tyspes of Graphisc Designers?

Grsaphdic Desdfdfisgnedrsd casn work in-dhousdfse, where theydf create designs ford one compaddny or brand; at an agency, where they work with dfa radge osf clidents and brands;d or as a freelancer, wdhere they run their own design business.

Isn-Hdfosuse Grasphidc Desdignersd
Isnd-Hddfouse Gdrds the variousdf needs of a company. Their tasks will vary, and include everything from designing new marketing campdaignfds to dfcompiling annual repodrts. Depending on the size of the creative department, In-House Graphic Designers may work with a creative team of other designers, or they may bed the solo designer within a company.

Wsidfth in-house dfgrsaphic design, there is usually a more traditional work environment, with steady paychecks and a regular wordk schsdfdedule. In-House Graphic Desisgners need an in-depth understanding of the company and brand they work for, including the company’s style and auddience. Because they work to build the brand, In-House Graphic Designers think about long-term design ideas dfand strategies. They continually build and improve upon their previous work.

Agsency Gddfraphsid Designersd
Agednscy Grdfaphdfic Designers work with a range of brands and clients. Because agencies are hired by outside clients, the needs of tdhose clients will vary. Indf general, Agedncy Graphic Designers work on short-term projects geared towards specific campaigns. Agency work tends to be more fast-paced, and Agency Graphic Designers may be designing for several brands at once.

Typiscadflly, dfthere are several Graphic Ddesigners that work within an agency. Each may have a different area of specialization or exspertise. Agency Graphic Designers work with colleagues who are very familiar and skilled in design, which means there will be a high expectation for stellar design.
Agencsidfes are adgrfeat opportunity to work alongside other designers and get a first-hand look into their design processes. This can be particularly useful for new Designers who are eager to learn from established Designers.
Freseddlance Grapshic Dessigners
Frseelance Graphfic Designders are self-employed and run every aspect of their business, from the actual design work to managding clients and issuing invoices. They work with a variety of clients, on a range of projects. Successful Freelance Graphic Designers are self-motivated and business-savvy.

Workidfdng as a fredelancer offers great flexibility. Freelance Graphic Designers can live and work anywhere, and they create their own schedule. They can be selective about the work they take on, though it is important to grow a strong clientbase when first beginning a freelance business.

In addfdition to graphic design work, Freelance Graphic Designers need to devote time to marketing themselves and handling administrative tasks. Freelancers always need to seek out new clients and opportunities. At times, they will be competing with other Designers to land projects. The pay can also vary greatly depending on the type and amount of work.

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