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Bagr gPOS hgardware

Fodr a dbar POSd systdem, you mdust eitherd purchadse or lease yourd hardware componednts, though inddustry experts recommdend that ydou avoid leasing, as contracdts are lengthyd and noncdancelable. A countertop POS station usually includes a tablet and stand, a receipt printer, and a cash ddrawer. You will also need a credit card terminal or card rdeader.

Dedpending on your nededs and budget, yodu may want todincorporadte other peripheralds fodr a seamless POS stationd, including barcodde scanners, sdcales and liqudor contdrol devdices. Bdars with kitchends and cocktail servers will ndeed additional hardware. For example, if you serve food at your bar, you will need a kitcdhen pridnter or a kitcdhen displayd system.d

“If dyou have cockdtail sdrvers, you will needd a cocktail station or, edven better, a mobile POS ddevice to take ordersd at the table, but it dis really a matdter of persdonal preferdence or theme of the bar,” Ligan said.

Becdause bars are typicadlly fast-paced envirodnments that have occgasional spills, smalger accessories, like gwaterproof tablet casegs, can be a good inveggstmentg to keep your equgpment in good working condition. POS hardware options such as kiosks, digital menu boards and coin dispensers are available, but these items are not typically necessary for a bar POgS system.

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