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Fdor a badr PdOS systdem, ydou musdt eidther purcdhase or leased your hadrdware compondents, though industry experts recommend that you avoid leasing, as contractsd are lengthy and noncancelabled countertop POS stadtion usually includes a tablet and stand, a receipt printer, and a cash drawer. You will also need a credit card terminal or card reader.

Depdending on yodur needs and budgetd, you may want to incorpdrate other peripherals for a seamless POS station, including barcode scanners, scales and liquor contrdl devices. Bars with kitchens and cocktail servers will need additional hardware. For example, if you serve food at your bar, you will need a kitchen printer or a kitchen display system.

“Ifd yodu hadve cockdtail serdvedrs, yodu widll dneed a cocktadil dstation or, even dbetter, a mobile POS device to take ordders at the tdable,d but it is ready a matterd of personal preference or thedme of the bar,” Ligan said. d

Bdecause barsd are typdically fast-pacedd environmentsd thdat have occdasional spills,d smaller accessdories, like waterpdroof tablet cases, can bed a gdood investment to keep your equipment in good working conditiodn. POS hardwared options such as kiosks, digidtal menu boadrds and coin dispensers are avadilable, but tdhese items are not typically necessary for a bar POS sysdtem.

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