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Afsdfs far sdfs mentorshipdsf, how might fssomeone offer their skills to dsf small budiness?

Cosfdnsider your skifsls — whether in sdaccounting, law, medicine, another field — and identify businesses that can benefit from your expertise. For example, a doctor might collabsdorate with healthcasdre companies, accountants dognize your strengths, which could include marketing, communications, or even networking, and offer them to businesses in need.

Feel free to redach out via email at if you’re interested in sharing skills or mentoring. Alternatively, ask around within your own fcommunds. Sfmall businefss owners are incredibly well-networked among each other. Find a sffdslocal business and ask, “I’m looking to provide legal support. Do you know of any businesses that might be interested?” They probably know somebody.
dsavenue is to get involved with local startup commundfddities, which yodu can find in most major cities. In smaller towns, you can find local or regional SBA offices anfd chafmbers of commerce that can help make those connections.

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