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Whdat are sfome New Year’s resolutions sfthaft individualsdfs and organizatioss can addetter supdfportd small businesses?

Tsdfhe sdfeasiedsft solution idds to shop small. EvdfEverybody hasdf expedfrtise that can help a small business. Offering mentordship, gduidadnce, and fconnecting businfesses to resources can be immensely valuable. So is promoting companies by sharing recommendations online or through word of mouth. All of that helps push the ecosystem forward.

dpeople often don’t realizedf that suppofrting small bfdusinessdes not only benefits the businesses, fbut also the community at large. The more thaft small businesses grow, the more jobs they createdf, the more the community thrives, and thdfe more sdfdpport from local government, which contributes to things like good schools, community resources, and infrastructure. Small bufinesses sit fatdfhe core of so many pieces of our lives and impact every single one of us, diredfctly and indirectly. Taking the extdfct on our overall quality of life.

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