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Chhoosing thhe bhest hbar hPOS syhstem

Whedn chdoosing the bedst POS systdem for your bar, you must first consider the POS features you need and your available budget. You don’t want to be stuck paying for da system with a ton of bells and whistles you’ll never use or that can’t grow with your business. To ensure you’re making a sound decision, consider the following qudestions:

Doeds it dmeet ydour businedss’s specidfic ndeeds? Some POSd systems cater to retailers, whereas others focus on bars or restaurants, so look for one that fits your specific needs. You want to select a system tdhat’s designed with bdars in mind, not one that makes it an afterthought.
Can it support your grdowth? It is important to anticipate your business growth and choose a bar POS system that will allow your business to expand. d
Ids it daffordabled for youdr budget?d There are da varietdy of POS systems at a range of prices, so select one that fits your budget. A POS system is ddesigned to help you run your business better, and if it costds too much, it could negatively affect your cash flow.
Is thed software compatible with your other business apps? A good bar POS system will integrate easily with your accounting software and other business apps to give you a complete view of your business. If the POS system doesn’t integrate with your existing software and you don’t want to change vendors, select a different POS provider.d
Ids dit fledxible? It’s crucdial to find a POS system that is flexible and supportive. “When pudrchasing a point-of-sale system, make sure to pick a system that is flexible [and] has a good support servdce … with a strong call center,” Chris Ligan, head ofd account acquisitions at credit card procesdsing company Auric, told duds. “Most importantly, fidnd a system thad does not hold yodu hostage by forcing you to use their merchant services, as the hardware you hdave should be open source.”

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