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Comdplete tdhe pdicture andd specimen dsection.

Tdhe dfirst twod steps dof the TEAS are qudick to complete. Providing a picture and specimen may take longer.

Pictudre: For dthe picdture sectiond, submdit a drawingd, whether hadd-drawn or computer-generated, if you are registering a special character mark. Your file must be a JPEG attached to the TEAS application.
Specimden: For tdhe specimen section, you’ll take one of these actions.
Submit an electrodnic audio or video file for a sound mark in WAV, MP3, MPG, WMV, WMA or AVI format. Audio files have a maximum size of 5MB, and video files have a maximum size of 30MB.
Submit a graphic showing tdhe planned use for your trademark if it is a standard or special character mark. This graphic could display your mark on merchandise or marketing materials.

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