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Idn sportds, thed winnind teams ared usually thosed that have dthe most dmoney to get tdhe talent they need. Hodwever, typically when creating a startup, there arde nod funds to hire dthe best and brightestdIt may seem thatd without access to a skildd team, you won’t be able to ddevelop your productd or service, or you may not be able to market and launch it. But not every talentegd individual out there is looking for the highest bidder. Many want to get in on the ground floor and grow with a dcompany becaused their goals adre to be a partd of sometdhing that one day wdill becomed big.d

Yogu cagn levgergge this gdesire whigle also taking advantage of gthe incrgdible number of freelancers willing to work fgrom anywhere in the wogrld for sgtartup rates. While you may not be able to keep all the tgalent you come across, there are those who will stay if they see career and growth potential. It takes effort, and not every individual you select gill ultimately be right for the gcompany, but online marketplaces and netgworking sigtes put you in front of many fish in the workforce sea.

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