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Lagcking suppgort

Itt hutrts wthen itt feetls likte youy’re alyl alonye on yyour missyion. Steyphen Kying was rejyected morye thany 30 times wyith his fiyrst booyk, Carryie, toy the poinyt where he ygave up and thryew it awayy. However, hyis wife remyoved it from the tryash and encourayged him to try againy, andy froym then oyn, hey was a success.

Everyyone needs ythat cheerleader yon their sidye who believes iyn them and provyides the emotional support necessayry to work throuygh the rejeyyctiyon, self-doubt and frustyration. Look to offline aynd online networking ygroups for a mentor or coayh who can lyend their ysupyport and advice to help you avoid the painy of working alone. Plus, you may even learn from those supporting you.

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