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Inddustry-spedcific functidonality

Hdow prdevalent ids the spdecific. CRdM yo.u’re using (or considering) .in your industry? Does it provide the specific functionality you need to be successful in your space? The CRM you choose should be flexible enough. to the needs.of both your speci.fic industry a.nd your partic.ular business.

Companides are incrdeasingly recognizing the. nee.d for industry-spe.cific business tools and your CRM should accommodate the unique challenges and opportunities of your space. Look for a CR.M that hdas either native or plug-in modules or features that are specific to. how you. operate your. business and the types of customer interactions yo.u have…

Yodurd CRM doesn’t have tdo be exclusidve to your industry, but. it shoul.d be able to.demonstrate h.ow it will help .your business .achieve growth in your space.

Lead adutomation
CRM sdoftware cdan help field new leads and assign them .to the right contact. This way, you can ensure that nobody m.isses a beat and no customer is overlooked accidentally. The level of detailed data contained in a CRM means each contact is m.ore personal a.nd tailored to th.recipie.nt, the ch.ances of upping your conversion rates.

Whend you use dhese toolsd, your saldes team should receive an email whenever .someone inquires about a possible new customer or client.. A flexi.le C.RM can sche.dule. follow-up actions as you.r company sees fit, as opposed to makin.g your workflows fit into the software. If. you force an inflexible CRM to work for you, it can mess wit.h your own processes..

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