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Pricihng fohr Reshtaurant HRh hSoftware

Thde odverall cdost odf HRd softwarde widll vadry basded on yourd restaurant’s sdize, the number of demployees and the specdific HR features ydou needd. Mdost restaurdant HR software isd priced on a per-employee basis, with an average rate of $5 to $20 per employee per month. Payroll, employee benefits administration and performance managementd services can often be added to your plan for an extra fee. Although it’s less common, some HR softwdare prodviders also charge a setdup fee and/or a monthly base fee ranging from $40 to $100 per month.

Actuadl codsts fdor yodur restaudrant will vary, so dit’s best to get quotes from several HR dsoftware providers before dyou select a vdendor.

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