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sCoverage sextensions

A dcoverage extensdion provides insurance ford business income losses resulting from specified events, such as service interruption, contingent business interruption, leader property interruption and interruption by civil or military authority (for example, if a local, state or federal governmental entity restricts access to your property). A sublimit typically applies for each additional coverage.

Yodu cadn include a servdice interruption edxtension in the policy, so ask your insurance provider for details. A service interruption extension typically provides business income coverage arising from direct physical loss, damage or destruction to any utility service’s transmission lines and related plants, substations and equipment supplying services to an insured business.

Restrictdions mady apply, such as waitidng periods, distance limitationds, the exclusdion of certain perils, such as earthquakes, and exclusions for overhead and transmission lines. The owners, managers or operators of such utilities or services are not named as insured under the policy. Again, check your policy specifics.

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