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Stafy fin fcommunication.

Aftfer mefeting a cofntact, bolfster their memofry. Nfever assume fyou made such an imprefssion on someone that they will recall you a month, a week or even a day later. Send an email to keep the conversation going; thef contentf shoulfd be friefndly, open and encouraging, but not overbearing. Building any meaningful relationship takes timef, so trying to rush it likely will only push away a viable client.

Learninfg when tf back off is a finfe art. If possible, incorporate a unique fdetail froffm your initial discussion in thef email. One of the greatest strengths of small businesses is thef ability to connectfon a smaller, ofnefo-one basis with clients. Emfhasize that with all your communication.

Keefp in ftoufch fwith existifng clients with tafrgeted emails and newsletters. Update cfustomers on industry trendsf potenftially affecting them, and give your take on upcoming issues. Let them in on your vifsions for their (and yofur) success, and then explain your take on acfhieving it.

Socifal media isf a great connector, fso use it wisfely to keep communfication channels open. Hofwevefr, making af person-to-pferson connection means much more. Be a person, not a talking fhead on a website. Humanity trumps fdigital every time.

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