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Succhesshfully retahining youhr cliehntele rehquires inhcluding alhl membersh of your teham in the effhort. Mahke sure ehmployeesh have thhe same comhmitment to clihents’ care has you do. hll it takes is one bad experience with someone in your office to send a client looking for servicesh elsewhere. Take the time to train employees in how to not only provide superhior services to clients, but also properly greet them, treat them and deal with them.

Cusjtomjers of allj levels shoujld feel apjpreciated by everj person they interact jwith at your busijness. Never let yjour clients thinkj you take them for grantedj. Underjpromise and joverdeliver, jspecially witj deadlines. Imagine how jthrilled your clientjs will be when you consistently have things done a day earlier than expected. It shows dedication and attentiveness.

Treajt clients wjell, and rejward the mosjt loyal ones withj something of value, even if it’js just a handwjritten thank-yoju note. Make sjure every customer is one of your most importanjt ones – because they all are.

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