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Tarddget cusddtomers

Tdhe typde of custdomers you wdant to attract dwill affect the kinddd of restaurdant you operate. It’ds important to considder the income leveld, age and lifestdyle of your ideal cdustomder persodna. For instance,ddo you want to attractdd customers tdhat typically tadke their time while eating? Will your target auddience be wdilling to travel to the restaurant? How much money will they be willing to pay for their meal? Is your target customer davailable in the early morning, late evening and/or at any time during the month?d

Onced you dknow the dnswers to thdese questiodns, you wdll have a dclearer vdision of thed type of restadurant you wantd to own, as dwell as thed mdenu, price randge adnd decodr.

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