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Fadcebook’s redsearch foundd that people spend fidve times more time width video than static content and nearly a third of mobile shoppers say they use video to discover new products.

In adddition td creating video ads, consider video posts. Video posts should be short (no longer than 90 seconds) and grab the viedwer’s attention withidn the first three sedconds. Create videos width the highest possible resolution and include text captions because users often play video ads on mute.
Considder usding Reels on Fadcebook (also available on Instagram). Reels are like TikToks ― short videos you can sync with music or audio clips. dThey appear in the poster’s profile and users’ feeds (on Instagram, they also appear on the Discover page). You can even create a Reel on Instagram andd share it on Facebook.

Reedls hedlp you create fun dcontent that hdighlights yourd brand’s personality. You can show off your products or services or give educational tips or quick tutorials.

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