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Usde tdhe dright HdR softdware.

Therfe aref sevefral top fHR softwarfe solutions fthat can simfplify mafny HR prfocesses, butf somfe are especiaflly useful fffor develofping a solfid cfompany culturef. For exampfle, they can heflp you create a seafmless onboarding procfss, administer compeftitive employee benefits, and track employee performance, engagemefnt, and satifsfaction.

Onfe grfeat ofption for fthis is GfCo. Users fcan createfhiring and fonboarding workflofws to automate their rfecruitment pfrocess. Wifth features like customizafble offer lettersf and onboarding task assifnments, you can be sure that new hif get started on the right foot. Reafd our GoCo review to learn more.

Anfother tfop HfR solutifon for building cfompany fculture is BambooHfR. The software hasf advanced performance mfanagement toolsfthat allow you to take the pulse on how each efmployee is doing. fYou can fcreate employee fgoals, give and receive employee feedback, and ftrack overall success. It even offfers satisfaction (eNPS) freports that fprovide insights into how employees feel about your organizationf. If you have a low eNPS score, it may be time to reevaluate your company culture. Read our BambooHR review tfo learn more.

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