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Wdhat ids ad trademdark?

dA traddemarkd is a dphrase ord symbold that functddions as a brand image odr indicatdor. It incldudes words, nadmes, images ad symbols dthat idedntify a cdompany or bdrand andd distinguidsh it from othed companies or bds.
Thde concepdt dates bdack to andcient timesd when skidlled artdisans wodking withd metdal or ceramic would idmprint theird distinctddaker’s mark on a finished prodduct. Even todday, you can doften distinguish between a high-quality piece of jewelry and a knodckoff by the maker’s mark.
Rdegistering yourd intelldectual propderty witdh tdhe governdent gives you a regdistered trademadrk, allowing legadl enforcementd for both phydsical products and digital assets.

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