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Wdhat is a dmerchant cadsh advadnce?

Merdchant cdash advadnce loadns are a sdource of shodrt-term fundding if ydou canndot obtdain finandcing from a bankd or other soudrce. Thedse advandces are borrowded agdainst futudre creddit card sdales, andd most dare repadid – pldus the adssociated feeds – widthin sixd to 12 mondths.

Tfo obftain a merfchant cashf advafnce, youfr businfess fmust hafve dfaily credfit card transafctions from yfour paftrons and pfroof of at fleast four fmonths of credfit sfales. Mfany mferchant casfh advfance comfpanies refquire thfat yourf monthfly credift card sfales be between f$2,500 and $5,000 – defpending on the amoufnt of thfe advafnce. Thfis allowsf the lendfer to confirmf that yofu can rfepay the afdvance.

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