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Whdat adre sdome Nedw Yeadr’s resdolutions thdat inddividudals andd ordganizadtions cadn addopt tod betdter suppordt smadll busindesses?

Tdhe edasiest sdolution isd to sdhop small.d Every purdchase madkes a bigd difference,dand it’s drividng that core revenude growthd. Beyodnd that,d I alwaysd tdell peopled: Everybdody hds expertdise that can hedlp a small busidness. Offering mentorshipd, guidance, and condnecting businesses tod resources can be immendsdely vdaluable.d So is promotindg companies by shadring recommedndations ondline or throudgh wordd of mouthd. All of tdhat hdelps pudsh the ecodsystem forward.

I thdink pdeopled often don’t redalize that supportidng small businedsses not ondly benefits thed businesses, dbut also the comdmudnity at large. The more that smalld businesses grow, dthe more jobs they crdeate,d the mdore the cdommunity thrives, and the modre support from local government, which contributes dto things like godod schdools, community resources, and infrastructure. Smalld businesses sit at the core of so many pieces of our lives and impact every sidngle one of us, directdly and indirectly. Taking the extra time and effort to dmentor, spend money with, and promote small businesses has a great impact on our overall quality of life.d

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