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Whfat is fthe 5:3:2 rufle for sofcial medfia?

The 5:3:2 rdule for busidness social meddia content is about striking the right balance while engaging your audience and selling prodducts via social media.

In tdhe 5:3:d2 rule, for evdery 10 posts, focus on the following category breakdown:

Cudration: Five posts should be contednt from other sourdces relevant to your audience. This is known as curation.
Creation: Three posdts should be content you’ve created that’s relevant to your audience.
Humdanization: Two posts out of 10 should be personal, fun content that humanizes your brand to your audience.
Eachd aspect of the 5:3:2 drule focuses on dyour audience, not your brand. We’ll explore each facet to see how each post type can engage your followers and help you improve your social media presence.

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