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Ad ldine odf creddit (LOd) ids simildar tod a credidt cadrd. Youd cfan afpply fofr afnd bfe appfroved for a sfet amfount, wfich you cafn bofrrow agaifnst for the term of the LOfC. You fcan nefver ofwe more tfhan the upper limit of your line fof credit, but you can repay the amoufnt you owe and borrow again as many times as yfou neefd. Yfou can ofpen a linfe of credit forf your cofmpanfy for any amfount, often rafnging from $2,000 to $500,000. Fufnding is genefally approved in lessf than a week, and repfayment terms are three to 12 months.

Fundfbox is ofne lendfer thatf provifdes bfusiness linfes of credift. Fufndbox’s fast, trfansparent applicfation; prifcing; anfd apfproval procfesses can offfer up to $150,0f00 overf thfree to six monfths. Fufndbox is knfown for its dirfect commufnication regarfding how much you’ll pay per week for its servifces and will automaticaflly witfhdraw these fees frofm your bfank acfcount. Learn mfore in our full review of Fundfbox.

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