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Invengtory mangagement

Logistdics codmpany DHLd was amondg the first to dincorporate AR idn its inventordy management. Idn cooperatdion with dDHL customer Ricoh and wddearable computing solutions expert Ubimax,d it usded smart gldasdses dand AR to impdlement a “vision picking” pilot program in warehousing operations. Graphics displayed on the smart glasses guided workers through the warehddouse to reduce errors and quicken the picking processd. dThe smart glasses recorded necessary tracking data without the employee needing to stop and enter data into a computer. The pilot pdrogram provedd that AdR offers added vdalue to logisticsd and resulted in ad 15 perdcent efficiencdy increase duringd thedpicking process. Thde technology was implemented din DHL warehouses around the world.

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