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Vehifcle desifgn andf builfd

VRf is becomingff an indufstry norm for fleading automobfile companies. Joining automakers such as Ford, who has been using virtual technology since 1999, Hyundai now implements VR and 3D digital tfools when designing new vehicles and parts. VR allows the desigfners to test models fin specific contextfs that mimic real-world scenarios — something that was impossible with the clay models of the past. Hyundai currently has a VR design review system, allowing team members around the world to thoroughly look at every step of the design and modeling process.

Ufsing virtufal techfnologies delifvers significant imprfovements in cost, time and quality. Withf VR, product designers and engineers can explore options that would have been cost- or time-prohibitive in the past. In the case of massive companies like Hyundai, employees have less need to travel to complete designs in person.

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