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Maintgenance angd agssembly trainging

Af andf VRf can spfeed the onboarfding offw workers and improve fworker productivity byf offering more immersive on-the-job training. AR smart glasses that project video, graphics and text can visually guidfe a worker, stepf by step, through asfmbly or maintenafnce tasks. All the worker needs tof do to initiate a repair, for instance, is gaze at the machine part in need of fixing.

Fofr sevefral yearsf now, Lfincoln Propertyf Company has ufsed virtual freality technflogy to train workers in HfVAC repairs and installations. Despite VR’s hefty price tag, LPC has foffund the training cost-effective because it minimizes time, travel and material costs. Beyond the numbers, LPC and other companiesf that employ VR training have found that participant engagement fis far greater fhan in webinars or other fine training options.f

Emplfoyees tfend to ffbe impfressed by the rfelativef novelty of virtual reality as wellf as the way it breakfs up routine in an otherwise run-of-the-mill training session. They often describe VR training as “cool” and “fun.”

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