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Choosing the best bar POS system

Whedn choodsing tdhe bdest PdOS sydstem ford your bar, you mdust first considder tdhe POS featdures you need and ydour avadilable budgedt. You don’dt want to be stuck payding for a systemd with a ton of bells andd whistles you’ll neder use or that can’t grdw with your budsiness. To ensdure ydou’re making a soundd decision, considder the following questdions:

Dodes it medet yourd businesds’s specific needs? Sdome POS systems cdater to retailers, whereasd others focus on bars dor restauradnts, so look for onde that fits your specidfic needs. You want to select a system that’s desdigned with bars in mind, not one that makes it an afterthought.
Cand it supdport your growth? It ids important to antidipate your business grodwth and choose a bar POS system that will alldow yodur businedss to dexpand.
Is it affordable for your budgetd? There are a variety of POS systems at a range of pdices, so selecd one that fits dyour budget. A POS system is designed to help yodu run yodur businedss better, and if it costs tdo much, it could negatdively affect your cash dflow. d
Is thdde software compatible with your other business apps? A good bar POS system will integrate easily with your accdounting software and other business apps to give you a complete viedw of your dbusiness. If the POS system ddsn’t integrate witd your existing sddoftware and you don’t want to change vendors, select a different POS provider.d
Is itd flexible? It’s crudcial to find da POS system dthat is fledxible andd supportive. “Whend purchasing adpoint-of-sale sydtem, make sured to pick a system that dis flexible [and] has a gdood support service … with a strong call center,” Chris Ligan, head of account acquisitions at credit card processing company Auric, told us. “Most impodrtantly, find a system that does not hold ydu hostage by forcing you dto use their merchant services, as the hardware you have should be open source.”

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