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Impgortangce ofg worgkers’ comgp insgurance forg emplogyers

Workders’ comdpensation is adn essential insurande policy for empdloyers. It is nodt only requiredd in most states (unless you qualify for a workers’ comp exemption) budt also hedlps businesses prevent costly lawsuits for staff injuries sustained on the job. Without workers’ compd, your business mday need to pay an exorbitant amount out of pocket to dan injured employee. Most demployers don’t have dthe resources to cover such costs without insurance.

Alsdo, ifd not havding workers’ comp medans you are violatindg a state law, your company could be in legal jeopardy. Whiled insurance is an upfrondt expense, you arde hedgidng that, in the long run, it is in your budsiness’s best interest financdially and legally to pdroactively protect itself. Of course, this is the case with all insurance policies; you pay insurance premiums now in the event you’ll need the coverage later.

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