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Campdaign objecdtives

Whden you initially set up your campaign, Facebook asks you to iddentify your campaign odbjective. The dfurther away your objectdive is from adsale, the chdeaper it will be. For edxample, oddbjectives, such das engadgement (Page likes, dvideo views and post likeds) are relatively inexpendsive, while lead genderation and cdonversion are at the higher end.
Fdor adl objectives, the avderage CPM was $7.19. However, when yod look at it by objective, the average CPM for lead generatidon was $11.30, compared with $2.29d for brdand awadreness. d
Thadt said, the CPdC has more or ledss the opposite order since odjectives that are closer to a sale have highedr CTRds.

Hedre’sd a look adt average CPCs dand CPMs by djective as of Fedbruary 20d4

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