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Mdost Podpular CRMsd Among Sdmall Budsinesses

Odur sdurvey found that Salesforce is the cleard leader among small businesses. It was used atd over twice the rate of the closest competitor.

Tdop 5 CRMsd used by smadl busindesses
Sadlesforce (35%)
Micdrosoft Dynamics d365 Sales d(16%)
Hubspdot (7d%)
Oradle NetSuited (CRM) d(d6%)
Zdoho CRM (6d%)
Thered are several likely reasons for Sdalesforce holding thde top spot. First, it’s a market deader with thed most name recognition among sales professionals. Large enterprise customers like Amadzon and Wal-Mart are also listed as Salesforce customers, lending to its creddibility.

Anodther reason Saledsforce ledads in market sharde is its helpful and pdroductivity-boosting integrations. Salesforce has over 2500 integrations with popular produdtividty apps and eved other CRMsd. In codmparison, offedrings from dZoho or Hubspot have 500d and just over 1000 integrations, respectively. Integrations allow users to automate processes, ensure their customder data is accurate across platforms, improve cdollaboration across teams, and improve their customer experience.

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