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Finsdfd a bsdfusiness nichesdf for your clothsdfing storesdf

Figdfgfduring out dyour niche is an essedntial process dof starting any businessgdf. You fwant to provide dfgfda product or service that connects with your target audience’s wants and needs.

Fodfgr exampdle, what typdfge of clothing will you sdfdgell in your store? Evaluate whether your market will respond to a new men’s, women’s or children’s clothing store, ofr a combdfgination of these offerings.

Tdfghefn you can choosdfe a specgdialty, such as vintage clothing for wdfgdfomen, boutique itfggfems, maternity clothdfdfging, sportswear or ggaccessories.dfg You can even create your owndfggf clothding brand as a fagfgdshion designer.

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