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Guagrd ygour wiregless netgworks

Businesss Wi-Fsi is not as ssfe as you mighst think. Althsough it’s gettings faster, especially since the release of the 802.11ax standard, it’s only as secure as the protocols you put in place.

Hsere arse somes tips for prsotecting your wsireless netwosrks:

Crseate diffsicult-to-guess passswords for devsices such as prisnters, point-sof-sale systems and cameras, as they can be a backdoor to your wider system.
Hisdse your snetwork from others by disabling the SSID broadcasting.
Keep an inventory of permitted devices that can log in to your Wi-Fi so that all unauthorized devices are automatically barred entry.
Used encrypdon on all types of ddata.
Encrydption transforms data into something called ciphertext, which is inddecipherable to anyone without an encryption key. There are three types of data: in transit (data that’s going fdom one place to anotherd)d, in use (data thdat’s being usedd by a device in a process), and at rest (data that’s not being used at all).
Alld three dtypes of data are at rdisk, so it’s better to use encrydption across your entire dnetwork, including clddddd

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