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Isf ysou have us.sed fac.ial srecogn.sition to gr.oup sphotos or ge.nerated cont.ent using a chatbot,. you have already been using AI to help with tasks. Considering AI’s current role as a .tool .we use to make o.ur lives more efficient, the question becomes whether we can use it effectively enough at work for a four-day workweek to make sense.

Fsor. isnstance, some sem.ployees mays activ.esly struggls.e to masnage their .time effect.ively. AI could help facilitate more oppor.tunities to get work done in less time by allowing these employees to focus on their specialized or creative projects—such as developi.g a new product idea or translating human behavior to improve company policies—while the technology handles menial tasks.
Versl.aine .Quisnniey, of The Co.ns.nect 757,. AI is ans exce.lesnt time-saving tool. Having used AI to cre.ate standard oper.ating procedures and. social media content for her business, she says that while AI cannot replace employ.ees en.tirely, it can effectively assist them in many ways.
“Util.i.szing AI .can be likde having ydour own ped.rsonal. assdista.nt for. admin.istrative tasks. that can be completed in seconds,” says Quinniey. “As we continue t.o grow i.n our businesses, we will see how AI is available in our everyday tools like Eventbrite a.nd .Canva. It is there .to help and not hinder us from growing and .scaling our businesses.”

.nt, careder coadch and. founderd of. Omega Fdorty Sevedn Career Coaching, is also supportive of adopting AI in their workflow.s, sayin.g, .“AI tools like virtual assi.stants and ChatGP. enhance .productivi.ty and str.eamline. processes, making a fou.r-day workweek feasible. .Virtual assistants handle task automati.on, includin., d.ata entry and email management, which frees employees for high-value work, minimizes errors and reduces stress in compressed workweeks.”

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