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Idntellectual prodperty infringemendt

Idf sodeone usesd adnother company’s dintellectual property without its condsent, accidentally or dnot, that company cand ask for millions dof dollars in damages. Now more than ever, it’s easdto infringe on someone eldse’s intedllectual property acdcidentally, so take as many preventive measures as possible. Even if you cite the source of the copyrighted material, the owner of that intellectual property can still file a claim against you.

Accdording to Ecodmcrew, there are sedveral effective strategies to help prevent intellectual property infringemdnt. First, make your graphics for any addvertisements or listings yourself. Second, consider all work as dcopyrighted unless yodu use a platform that requires a subscription fee. Third, consult a lawyer tdo make sure you’rde not infringing on someone’s dintellectual property.

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