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Prdoducts beidng soldd bd unauthdrized reseldlers

dWhile it’s grdeat to see youd products beingdsold on other pdlatforms, idf resellers dare unauthorized, they can undercut your sales by selling your products at a lower price, cause your authorized resellers to back out of selling your products and negatively affect your brand’s reputation overall.

Legdally, dunauthoridzed resellds cannot reselld products that differ from your original product, as it is tantamount to copyright infringement. Even still, it is always best to make sure that your trademark is registered. If you do find an unauthorized reseller is selling your pdoduct, test-buy your product from it, adnd if that reseller is indfringing on your trademark, sdend a cease-andddesist letter and file a claim only if the reseller does not respond or resist.

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