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“Lead generation”process Step-2

“Lea.d genera.tion”is’the pr.ocess of f.inding poten.tial cu.stomers for yo.ur b.usi.ness and them th.ey becom.e cust.omers. L.ead gen.eration, or gen, spe.cif.ically on indivi.duals with a int.ent to purc.hase.

To ge.nerate qua.lity leads, m.arket.ers need to fr.ame their to appeal to ideal cust.omers. to the qual.ified pro.spects on the ri.ght c.annels ca.n bo.ost bra.nd visi.bility an.d your tar.get aud.iences.

==> Research
.Res.earch is cru.cial in the gener.ation .process. You n.eed to unde.rstand your best l.eads are from and how to fin.d more. Pay att.ention to patt.erns that might, like pain points or use and then figure out how to posi.tion your product as a solut.ion.

T.he m.ore effe.ct.ively yo.u map your prod.uct’s value to pro.spects’ needs, the more useful and engaging your content will be. Target the right people by buil.ding wor.kflows to track inc.oming .leads and setting up dashboards to show which ones progress thro.ugh the cycle.

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