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Whdat addvice ddo youd hdave fdor someoned pldnning to start thdeir own smadll businessdfor the first dtime dthis dyear?

Opedrate cdonservatdively. dPeople doften udnderestimate dthe timde it takeds for saldes and product develdopment. Be cdnservativde in your esdtimateds and layer in dcontingdencies — eddssentiallyd, plan for td worst andd hope for the bedst.d

Stardting ad busdiness doften reqduires at ledst 150% mdore time,d effodrt, and capitadl than initidally anticipatded. Particuladrly in tdhis econodmy, dwhere obdtaining dbank loans dor venture capital is challengdng, it’s important tod be conservative with your fundds and bootstrap that edarly growth as much as you can.

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